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Allen & Donna


Creater of this web page. Interests are RVing, Genealogy, Photography, and anything Internet


My wonderful soul-mate of 49 years. Interests include Sewing, murder mysteries and decorating, organization, and keeping me in-line

Allen and Donna Ferguson
514 Americas Way #4481
Box Elder, SD, 57719
Allen's Cell: +1 509 885 5417
Donna's Cell: +1 509 470 5863
E-mail: fergizmo@thefergs.com

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Cool Stuff!


Here is some of the RVs we have owned, some of the fun places we have visited, and pictures of us having fun! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

A full time RV life - the way to go!


  • crusader

  • Our Travel Trailer

  • Our Class C motorhome

  • Our Arctic Fox

  • Our Hurricane motorhome

  • Our Southwind motorhome

  • Our 38 ft Bighorn

  • Our 32 ft Cameo

  • Our Rainier TT

  • Our Dutchmen TT

  • Devils Tower

  • Q Mountain

  • Oregon Coast

  • Boondocking

  • Brew Pubs

  • RV Dreams rally

  • SKP WARE rally

  • Christian Fellowship BoF

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