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Year Eight Recap 9/5/2020 to 9/4/2021

4 Years, 10 Months Fulltime RV'ing, 3 Years, 2 Months Part-time,

Fulltime Again

Year eight

Eight Years Of RVing completed, Year Eight started at our Yuma Home Base, Yuma, AZ - September 5, 2020

Even though we sold the house and moved into our 5th wheel in 2012, September 5th, 2013 was the date we hit the road, our 'anniversary'.

Here is the Year 8 Recap.

September 2020, we headed north to Washington to visit family in our little travel trailer. We pretty much decided that this was too small, and maybe we should sell our place, and buy a bigger rig, and go fulltime again. Once back in Yuma, we put our plans into action.

We sold our 2014 Nissan Titan and on November 5th, bought a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD DRW truck to pull our future full timing 5th wheel. Then on November 13th, we sold our 2010 Dutchman travel trailer. We were then RV-less for just a little while. Then we found and bought a 5th wheel on December 1st, 2020. A 2016 Prime Time Crusader 315 RST 5th wheel by Forest River. We then emptied the house, filled the RV and prepared ourselves for full time RVing again. Our house sold and closed on February 19th, 2021 and we were off again!

We hung around Yuma for doctor appointments (and shots), filled a mini storage, then spent some time in the Phoenix area. After saying our goodbyes, we headed north. We had an accident with the 5th wheel in April. Continued on to Washington and had all repairs done. Donna and I worked the California fire camps in July, August and September. Ready to see what year 9 brings.

Where we have stayed in year 8 (days):

Thousand Trail parks - 156
RPI parks - 12
Elks - 6
Boondocked - 76
Moochdocked - 53
Casinos - 1
Misc RV parks - 1
Yuma Home Base - 118
No RV - 18

And some year 8 stats:

Miles traveled - 7,006
States visited - 6 .. New States - 0
Number of places we camped - 40
Average days camped per stop - 9.16
Campground fees for the year - $369.06 - that averages just $1.01 per night

Highest average camping fees Month - $88.74 --- $2.96 per night for September 2020
Lowest average camping fees Month - $0.00 --- $0.0 per night for June, July, & August

Highlights - House sold, New Rv, travelling again

Lowlights - 5th wheel accident

As we enter year 9, we are looking forward to new and exciting travels.

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Cool Stuff!


Here is some of the RVs we have owned, some of the fun places we have visited, and pictures of us having fun! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

A full time RV life - the way to go!


  • crusader

  • Our Travel Trailer

  • Our Class C motorhome

  • Our Arctic Fox

  • Our Hurricane motorhome

  • Our Southwind motorhome

  • Our 38 ft Bighorn

  • Our 32 ft Cameo

  • Our Rainier TT

  • Our Dutchmen TT

  • Devils Tower

  • Q Mountain

  • Oregon Coast

  • Boondocking

  • Brew Pubs

  • RV Dreams rally

  • SKP WARE rally

  • Christian Fellowship BoF

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