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Year Ten Recap 9/5/2022 to 9/4/2023

Year Ten

Ten Years On the Road completed, Year Ten started while moochdocking at our friends house in Yakima, WA - September 5, 2022, and ended Sept 4, 2023, parked at our home that we just purchased in Yakima, WA.

Even though we sold the house and moved into our 5th wheel in 2012, September 5th, 2013 was the date we hit the road, our 'anniversary'.

Here is the Year 10 Recap.

We started our 10th year moochdocking at some friend's house in Yakima, WA. We figured this would be our last year on the road, and we were finally ready to do a complete loop around the states and complete a bucket list item .. camping in all the lower 48 states. We left Washington on October 10th, 2022 and returned May 30, 2023. This year, we visited 36 states, and 23 of them were new to us. It was an awesome trip. Besides seeing the country and stopping at many places, I did catch-up with some Army buddies of mine in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and New Hampshire, just missed 2 more in Pennslyania and Ohio. Then back in washington, we started house hunting and finally bought in Yakima in late August. It was a great 10 years, now time to settle down.

Where we have stayed in year 10 (days):

Thousand Trail parks - 197
RPI parks - 10
Elks Lodges - 29
SKP parks - 17
Passport America parks - 0
Good Sam parks - 3
State Parks - 13
National Parks - 0
Moochdocked - 38
Casinos - 1
Misc RV parks - 41
Camping World - 1
Harvest Host - 8
Yakima Home - 7

43 days we boondocked

And some year 10 stats:

Miles traveled - 14,518
States visited - 36 .. New States - 23
Number of times camped - 81
Average days camped per stop - 4.5
Campground fees for the year - $2,550.98 - that averages just $6.99 per night

Highest average camping fees Month - $591.67 --- $19.09 per night for August
Lowest average camping fees Month - $0.00 --- $0.0 per night for Sept, Apr, Jun, & July

Highlights - finally finished the lower 48, meeting up with Army buddies, spent more time in TX & FL, getting a new home

Lowlights - realizing our travelling days coming to an end.

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