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Genealogy of the Ferguson, Kirby, Hicks, Harmon, Anderson, Andruss, and related famies
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Matches 151 to 200 of 757

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151 Caroline died of anorexia. Caroline Brunette
152 Name may have been Polly. Mary Polly Bryan
153 Judy was adopted. Judy Ann Buckler
154 Count of Eu. Gilbert Of Buionne
155 Aka Clotilda.
Aka Saint Chrotechilde Burgondie. 
Chrotechilde Burgondie
156 Died in car accident. Denning Burnett
157 Aka Lige. Eldridge Burnett
158 Aka Polly. Mary Burton
159 Aka Lucinda. Lurana Butler
160 Emperor of Rome Tiberius Claudius Caesar
161 Aka Bonnie Yvonne Canipe
162 Aka Mattie. Martha Ann Carroll
163 Aka Betsy. Elizabeth M Cason
164 Spent her last years with Lucy Jackson Hunt.
Buried at Jackson Cemetary, north of Ozark, AR.

Lockey d. 19 June 1900 in either Altus or Ozark, Franklin Co. Ar., buried in Jackson Cem. (N. of
Ozark) ......date and place not verified. 
Lockey Qualls Cason
165 Killed in a auto accident. Bessie Chambers
166 Aka Ola. Bessie Leola Chandler
167 Killed at the battle of Stone's River. John Chandler
168 Aka Pap Lepley. Lessie Ray Chandler
169 Aka Pearl. Martha Dora Ina Pearl Chandler
170 Married 3 times. Thomas Jonathan Jackson Christian
171 Comitted suicide. Bill Churchill
172 Aka King Clovis I France of the Salic Franks. Clovis, I
173 Henry's elder son, Richard I (reigned 1189-99),
fulfilled his main ambition by going on crusade in
1190, leaving the ruling of England to others. After
his victories over Saladin at the siege of Acre and
the battles of Arsuf and Jaffa, concluded by the
treaty of Jaffa (1192), Richard was returning from
the Holy Land when he was captured in Austria
later that year. In early 1193, Richard was
transferred to emperor Henry VI's custody.

In Richard's absence, king Philip of France failed to
obtain Richard's French possessions through
invasion or negotiation. In England, Richard's
brother John occupied Windsor Castle and
prepared an invasion of England by Flemish
mercenaries, accompanied by armed uprisings.
Their mother queen Eleanor took firm action
against John by strengthening garrisons and again
exacting oaths of allegiance to the king. John's
subversive activities were ended by the payment of
a crushing ransom of 150,000 marks of silver to the
emperor, for Richard's release in 1194. Warned by
Philip's famous message 'look to yourself, the devil
is loosed', John fled to the French court.

On his return to England, Richard was recrowned
at Winchester in 1194. Five years later he died in
France during a minor siege against a rebellious
baron. By the time of his death, Richard had
recovered all his lands. His success was
short-lived. In 1199 his brother John became king
and Philip successfully invaded Normandy. By
1203, John had retreated to England, losing his
French lands of Normandy and Anjou by 1205. 
King Of England Richard Coeur De Lion, I
174 Aka Sallie. Sarah Coleman
175 Was a judge in Monmouth, OR. George William Cooper
176 Went too New Zealand in 1900. Robert Maxwell Corkille
177 Name was Costantino, was changed to Costan in 1951. Ralph J. Costan
178 Died from the measles. Barlett Yancy Couch, Jr.
179 He was a gunsmith.
There was a feud between the Couch and Little families, so they eloped. 
Bartlett Yancy Couch
180 WWII Anti-Tank Div US Army 1943 - 45 France, Belgium, Germany Bennard Yancy Couch
181 Aka Bea. Bernice Lenora Couch
182 Had 1 child by Cox. Married 2 or 3 times. Betty Mae Couch
183 Aka Betsey. Elizabeth Ann Couch
184 Aka Mitt. George Milton Couch
185 Married a school teacher. He died of cancer. John Couch
186 Aka Jack. John Quincy Adams Couch
187 Had 2 boys. Died of cancer. Luela Lottie Couch
188 Twin, died at birth. Male Couch
189 Aka Molly.
Death date may be 17 Aug 1887. 
Mary Louisa Lavina Couch
190 Royal Canadian Aeu Force, LAC Lead aircraftman mechanic North Atlantic Theater Milton Elder Couch
191 U S Air Force VN 1950s - 1970s Norman Leroy Couch
192 Twin. Redden Lee Couch
193 Aka Bob. Robert Leland Couch
194 Had a cancerous tumor at the top of his spine. Roderick Lane Couch
195 Aka Dean. Roland Dean Couch
196 Aka Sallie. Sarah Couch
197 Aka Sally. Sarah Couch
198 Born to Tammy Couch, adopted and raised by Norman Leroy and Judith Couch. Shawn Couch
199 Married twice. William H. Couch
200 Stephen later was know as Andrew Jackson Haun. Stephen Courtney

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