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751 As Prince of Wales, Edward VIII (reigned
January-December 1936) had successfully carried
out a number of regional visits (including areas hit
by economic depression) and other official
engagements. These visits and his official tours
overseas, together with his good war record and
genuine care for the underprivileged, had made him

The first monarch to be a qualified pilot, Edward
created The King's Flight (now known as 32 (The
Royal) Squadron) in 1936 to provide air transport
for the Royal family's official duties.

In 1930, the Prince, who had already had a number
of affairs, had met and fallen in love with a married
American woman, Mrs Wallis Simpson. Concern
about Edward's private life grew in the Cabinet,
opposition parties and the Dominions, when Mrs
Simpson obtained a divorce in 1936 and it was
clear that Edward was determined to marry her.

Eventually Edward realised he had to choose
between the Crown and Mrs Simpson who, as a
twice-divorced woman, would not have been
acceptable as Queen. On 10 December 1936,
Edward VIII executed an Instrument of Abdication
which was given legal effect the following day,
when Edward gave Royal Assent to His Majesty's
Declaration of Abdication Act, by which Edward
VIII and any children he might have were excluded
from succession to the throne. In 1937, Edward
was created Duke of Windsor and married Wallis

During the Second World War, the Duke of
Windsor escaped from Paris, where he was living
at the time of the fall of France, to Lisbon in 1940.
The Duke of Windsor was then appointed
Governor of the Bahamas, a position he held until
1945. He lived abroad until the end of his life, dying
in 1972 in Paris (he is buried at Windsor). Edward
was never crowned; his reign lasted 325 days. His
brother Albert became King, using his last name
King Of England Edward Windsor, VIII
752 Prince Edward is the third son and youngest child
of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. He was
born on 10 March 1964 and christened Edward
Anthony Richard Louis at Buckingham Palace. 
Earl Of Wessex Edward Anthony Richard Windsor
753 The Queen was born in London on 21 April 1926,
the first child of The Duke and Duchess of York,
subsequently King George VI and Queen
Elizabeth. Five weeks later she was christened
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in the chapel at
Buckingham Palace.

The Princess's early years were spent at 145
Piccadilly, the London house taken by her parents
shortly after her birth; at White Lodge in Richmond
Park; and at the country homes of her
grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary,
and the Earl and Countess of Strathmore. When
she was six years old, her parents took over Royal
Lodge in Windsor Great Park as their own country
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Queen Of England II
754 George V's reign (1910-36) began amid the
continuing constitutional crisis over the House of
Lords, which refused to pass a Parliament Bill
limiting its powers (which would remove its power
to veto a Bill from the Commons). After the Liberal
government obtained the King's promise to create
sufficient peers to overcome Conservative
opposition in the Lords (and won a second election
in 1910), the Parliament Bill was passed by the
Lords in 1911 without a mass creation of peers.

George visited India in 1911, the only
King-Emperor to do so. In 1914 the First World
War broke out. The King made over 450 visits to
troops and over 300 visits to hospitals visiting
wounded servicemen, he pressed for proper
treatment of German prisoners-of-war and he
pressed also for more humane treatment of
conscientious objectors. In 1917 anti-German
feeling led him to adopt the family name of Windsor
(after the Castle of the same name). Support for
home rule for Ireland had grown in the late 19th
century. This was resisted by the Unionists in the
north and by the Conservative Party. The 1916
Easter Rising in Dublin, and subsequent civil war,
resulted in the setting up of the Irish Free State
(later to become the Irish Republic) in 1922, while
the six northern counties remained part of the
United Kingdom. George played a conciliatory role
on this, and on other occasions, such as the
General Strike of 1926.

George readily accepted the first Labour
government in 1924. Following the world slump of
1929, the King persuaded the Labour leader to
head a National Government composed of all
parties, which won the election of 1931. The
Statute of Westminster of 1931 meant Dominion
Parliaments could now pass laws without reference
to United Kingdom laws, and abolished various
reserve powers still possessed by the Crown and
Parliament. This paradoxically increased the
monarchy's importance, since the Dominions (no
longer subordinated to one supreme Parliament at
Westminster) were now linked through common
allegiance to the Crown.

George started the annual Christmas Broadcast by
the sovereign to the Empire (more recently to the
Commonwealth), the first being transmitted in
1932. In 1935, the King celebrated his Silver
Jubilee. He died in 1936 and his son Edward
succeeded to the throne. 
King Of England George Windsor, V
755 George VI (reigned 1936-52), a conscientious and
dedicated man, worked hard to adapt to the role
into which he was suddenly thrown. In 1923 he had
married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon; and he
carried out many official engagements at home and
abroad, and established The Duke of York's
Summer Camps for boys from all backgrounds. He
did not expect to become King.

The King paid a State Visit to France in 1938, and
to Canada and the United States in 1939 (he was
the first British monarch to enter the United States).
His dedication to duty, particularly during the
Second World War, when he remained for most of
the time at Buckingham Palace (the Palace was
bombed nine times during the war), and when he
and his wife visited severely bombed areas in the
East End of London and elsewhere in the country,
gained him great popularity. Recognising the total
nature of modern warfare, in 1940 the King
instituted the George Cross and George Medal, to
be awarded for acts of bravery by citizens. On VE
(Victory in Europe) Day, 8 May 1945,
Buckingham Palace was a focal point of the
celebrations. The war had immeasurably
strengthened the link between the King and his

In 1947, the King undertook a major tour of South
Africa, accompanied by the Queen and their
daughters, Princess Elizabeth and Princess
Margaret - the first time a sovereign had
undertaken a tour with his family. When India and
Pakistan became independent in 1947, George
ceased to be Emperor of India. Changes in the
Commonwealth meant that its tie was no longer
based on common allegiance to the Crown, but
upon recognition of the Sovereign as Head of the
Commonwealth. These changes in the
Commonwealth relationship and the social reforms
of the post-war Labour government occurred
against the background of Britain's weak post-war
economic position and the beginning of the Cold

The strain of the Second World War and the
tensions of the post-war period had taken their toll
on the King's health. In 1952 he died at
King Of England George (Albert) Windsor, VI
756 The younger daughter of King George VI and
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Princess
Margaret was born at Glamis, the Scottish home of
her grandparents, the Earl and Countess of
Strathmore, on 21 August 1930, and was
christened Margaret Rose. 
Margaret Windsor
757 Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Srathearn, Baron of Carrickfergus, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter William Arthur Philip Windsor, Prince
758 Last name may have been Weathers. James Withers
759 Came here from France or England in the 1660s. John Witt
760 Could be Anna Werner or Woerner. Anne Woerner
761 Died of typhoid. Silas Monroe Wood
762 Twin to Kathy. Karen Ann Wright
763 Twin to Karen. Kathy Jo Wright
764 Family moved to Oregon in 1845. John B Yarbrough
765 Adopted. Michelle Sue Young
766 alias Carpenter. Barbara Zimmerman

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