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We were born in Wenatchee, WA. I grew up in Wenatchee and graduated from Wenatchee High School in 1970. Donna grew up on the east side of wenatchee (across the river) and went through the Eastmont School System. I was drafted into the Army in 1971 and spent time in New Jersey, New Mexico, and Utah. I worked as an Airborne Frequency Surveillance Test Specialist in Albuquerque. I was discharged in 1973 and went to Wenatchee Valley College for the next two years.

While attending school, I met Donna and we were married. We had our first child, Candy, before I graduated. I recieved my AAA in Forestry Technology. I worked for the US Forest Servive for a couple of years, but went back in the Army in 1976 (I can't believe it either). This time Donna came with me and for the next 8 years she played the Army Wife. We spent time in Alabama, Kansas, and Germany. During this hitch, I worked as a Automatic Test Equipment Tech, testing and repairing anti-tank weapons. Then in Alabama as a Technical Writer. We had a son while in Kansas, we named him Tim. I picked up another College degree from John C. Calhoun State College in Huntsville, Alabama. It was a AAS in Missile and Munitions Technology. We had another daughter, Kimberley, born in Germany. I recieved my honorable (and final) discharge in 1984 after giving Uncle Sam a little over 10 years.

Back in Wenatchee, I went to work at Apple Valley Telephone Inc. and went to Wenatchee Valley College at night. I got another 100 or so credits and decided I was done with school (my GI Bill allowance ran out). I worked as a telephone technician, installing and servicing phone systems and equipment for about nine years until the company was sold to Televar Northwest Inc. I did the same work, maybe a little more computer networking. It lasted for a few years. Then Computerland Network and Telephone bought the phone part of Televar, so then I worked for Computerland. It later became LocalTel Communications. Besides the telephone side of the job, I got to do computer work too (networking, repair, voice mail, etc.). I left and begin working for GTE, which was bought out and became Verizon. The bought out again and became Frontier Communications. I started GTE as an Line installer, then as a System Technician, then as a Special Services Technician and finally retiring as a Central Office Equipment Installer from Frontier Communications. I retired in June of 2013 and we started the RV fulltime lifestyle.

Donna has a son who lives in Blythe, CA. Our oldest daughter is living in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Our son is living in Snohomish, WA. And a daughter in Phoenix, AZ. So Washington is our 'go to' place every summer to visit. My hobbies are RVing, travel, working on my computers & web pages, exploring the Net, genealogy, and maintaining the web site (www.cfbof.com) for the Christian Fellowship Birds of a Feather group.. Donna loves sewing, baking, crocheting, and making new friends.

December of 2018, we decided to purchase a place in Yuma, AZ and get out of the RV for a few months of the year. It was a nice piece of property with a manufactured home on it. Perfect for the winter months. We downsized our RV several more times. But then hitch-itch drove us to sell the house in Yuma and hit the road full time again, February 2021.

Everybody is in good health and life is good!

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The Ferg's Home

Here is some of the RVs we have owned, some of the fun places we have visited, and pictures of us having fun! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

A full time RV life - the way to go!


  • Our Travel Trailer

  • Our Class C motorhome

  • Our Arctic Fox

  • Our Hurricane motorhome

  • Our Southwind motorhome

  • Our 38 ft Bighorn

  • Our 32 ft Cameo

  • Our Rainier TT

  • Our Dutchmen TT

  • Devils Tower

  • Q Mountain

  • Oregon Coast

  • Boondocking

  • Brew Pubs

  • RV Dreams rally

  • SKP WARE rally

  • Christian Fellowship BoF

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