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Year Five Recap 9/5/2017 to 9/4/2018

3 Years & 3 Months Fulltime RV'ing, 9 Months Part-time

Year Five

Four Years On the Road completed, Starting Year Five, Elks Lodge #1087 - Idaho Falls, ID - September 5, 2017

Even though we sold the house and moved into our 5th wheel in 2012, September 5th, 2013 was the date we hit the road, our 'anniversary'.

Here is the Year 5 Recap.

We began year 5 at the Elks in Idaho Falls, ID. The to the Elks in Provo, UT where we met up with friends Bev & Tim. Together, we continued on through Utah and visited all 5 National Parks. Then we all went to Lone Rock Beach near Page, UT. There we went to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. What a great time we had. After going our separate ways, we hit the Grand Canyon and on to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. What a great time we had there! Then we headed to Yuma and moochdocked at Tim & bev's house. We found a great deal on a house and bought a place in the Foothills of Yuma in December of 2017. Now we became part-timers. We did take the motorhome to Quartzsite in January for the Christian Fellowship rally. Had a great time and after getting back to Yuma, we sold the motorhome in March. That same month, we bought a newer motorhome. A Thor Hurricane. We took it to a RV Dreams Boondocking rally that month also. Then come April, we started our trip to Washington to visit family. We drove up through California and arrived in Washington in May. After our visit , we headed back south to our place in Yuma and in August, promptly sold the Hurricane. (Don't buy a Hurricane). So at the end our our fifth year....we were RV less.

Where we have stayed in year 5 (days):

Thousand Trail parks - 88
RPI parks - 0
Elks Lodges - 21
SKP parks - 7
Passport America parks - 0
Good Sam parks - 0
State Parks - 0
National Parks - 4
Moochdocked - 60
Casinos - 3
Misc RV parks - 23
Escapees - 11
Yuma Home Base - 51

28 days we boondocked

And some year 5 stats:

Miles traveled - 6,647
States visited - 7 .. New States - 0
Number of times camped - 40
Average days camped per stop - 9.1
Campground fees for the year - $1,798.97 - that averages just $4.93 per night

Highlights - Utah National Parks, Page, AZ, Grand Canyon, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, bought a house, New RV

Lowlights - Sold RV, becomming a part timer

As we enter year 6, we are looking forward to new and exciting travels.

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Cool Stuff!

The Ferg's Home

Here is some of the RVs we have owned, some of the fun places we have visited, and pictures of us having fun! Click on the picture to get a bigger one.

A full time RV life - the way to go!


  • Our Travel Trailer

  • Our Class C motorhome

  • Our Arctic Fox

  • Our Hurricane motorhome

  • Our Southwind motorhome

  • Our 38 ft Bighorn

  • Our 32 ft Cameo

  • Our Rainier TT

  • Our Dutchmen TT

  • Devils Tower

  • Q Mountain

  • Oregon Coast

  • Boondocking

  • Brew Pubs

  • RV Dreams rally

  • SKP WARE rally

  • Christian Fellowship BoF

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