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Welcome to our web site. I started this site to let friends and family know where we have been, what we have seen, and where we are going. Not to mention to let them know that we are still alive, and that this crazy idea of ours is working out just fine and that we are having the time of our lives.

We sold our house in July of 2012, and moved into our RV. I retired June 3rd of 2013 and hit the road September 5th.

Thefergs.com was started in 1989 and started out as a web site to show family photos and various internet links. It then progressed into a genealogy page, mainly to publish my genealogy data on the web so that various relatives would find it and contact me. Works great too! Now after trying a few Blog software programs, I decided to redo my web pages into a blog/page ...sort of. And here we are today.

Some Site Navigation Info

Along the top of each page, you can always find the 'Home' button to get back here. The 'Our Ministry' button takes you to a page that explains our 'mission work' while on the road. We are always looking for opportunities to share our faith. When we start full timing, I hope to keep the 'Daily Journal' up to date with our travels and explorations. Clicking on the 'Where Are We' tab, you can find out our current location. The 'About Us' button is going to be a little bit about Donna and I. For our email info and other contact information, just click the 'Contact' button.

About Our Travels

On the left side of the pages, you will find information on our Toad (towed vehicle), our Motorhome (2008 Fleetwood Southwind 35A), and our Furry family members, Rumble Bunny & Tinker Belle.

We have a link to let everyone know where we are headed to. You will see the route we are taking and a few things we are seeing and plan to see along the way. We will maintain a listing of where we have been and all the exciting things we have seen. And you can find out how we choose out camping spot (even tho our plans are set in Jello). And our one year recap.

Genealogy - The Family Connection

This link is the entry point to my Genealogy pages. All my genealogy data is online along with pictures, cemeteries, headstone info, ect. My database contains 18,727 persons, 3,507 unique surnames, 6,934 families, with 752 notes. Look around. We may be related. I've had folks from all over the world recognize a name and contact me. I love getting updates and new material. Even corrections are welcome.

Some More Neat Things

Some of the 'Neat Things' we have are some listings of tons of RVing links. Places to go for products and reviews, forums, blogs, tech articles, and RV educational sites. We provide info on clubs and organizations. Pretty much a RV Info Extravaganza!

We have kept track of our budget along the way, and have plenty of statistics to share. We will list fuel used, prices paid, mileage driven, propane, all our costs in various categories, and much more in this area.

We always take tons of photographs. Here is a chance to see the country through our web pages. All photos are categorized and captioned for your viewing pleasure.

A Few Odds and Ends

I've included a listing of links relate to our 'Hometown' .

Donna loves to sew. She has made many really cool items that I thought we should share with you. She has made purses, bags, aprons, pot holders, and booties and pincushions too! These things are great and available to you also. Her page has pictures and descriptions and soon to be with prices and ordering information.

Maps, Maps, Maps...We belong to several RV clubs and have a few memberships in other RV organizations. This gives us free camping spots or at a big discount. Here is some maps that helped us plot our travels using these discounted campgrounds. This is a great way to cut costs and get good deals.

We have included our 'wish' list of places to go, things to see and do while living our dream on the road. Some may be 'wishfull thinking' and others are 'for sure'. This 'Bucket List' of ours will also be one that will be ever changing. The more we see and read about in other fellow RVer blogs and forums, our dreams and planning are fueled. We just have to remember - We are in no hurry - to see it all!

On The Right Side

You will see a few items along the right side of each page that you may be interested in. Visit the links (at no charge) and maybe you would be interested in something. Amazon has great selection of everything and good prices. If you do buy something. I can make a few cents just by steering you that direction. If you just click on this Amazon.com link and do some shopping. we can get some credit too. We are appreciative of anything you may purchase.

Comments always welcomed

Either via email or the Contact page.. Thanks for reading.

Cool Stuff!

The Ferg's Home

Here is a listing of some of the updates, add-ons, and mods on our Motorhome and Toad to make this whole full-timer experience go smoothly and make life easier for us. You can find (and purchase) most of these things from this Amazon.com link. If you visit Amazon through my links and buy something, I get some credit. Thanks in advance if you do. They always have a great selection of everything, and at good prices too!.

These are some of the things I have purchased for my rig:

Thank you for shopping at Amazon.com!